A different kind of debt repayment and optimization partner

We are different. We offer a full service automation platform powered by machine learning and humans, we use data to maximize your returns and collections.

Welcome to Clerkie

A powerful and flexible platform where lenders, big and small, can easily manage and optimize their loan portfolio. Our fully-integrated platform decreases the time, cost, and headache lenders experience when recovering their loans. Let's work together!

Smart Payment Experience

Empower your customers to pay and settle their loans with any currency. Our powerful AI engine also recommends smart payment arrangements that actually work for your consumers, helping them adjust their payments and get back on track if they fall behind.

3x Revenue Performance

Drive more payments and improve your bottom line with our AI-driven repayment and collection strategies. Our features support a diverse range of loan programs, ensuring you stay at the leading edge of financial innovation. Plus, with our marketplace, you're guaranteed to increase your reach and engage with high quality leads all within an industry-leading customer experience.

Real-time Reporting and Compliance

The highest levels of security and compliance standards. Our team works around the clock with regulators across the nation to ensure our platform adapts to an ever-changing regulatory environment so you don't have to. Our RESTful API gives you the real-time data you need to review and act on your loan portfolio. Now, you can make important decisions confidently and faster than ever before.

Fast and Easy Integration

For developers, by developers. With just a few lines of code, you can implement Clerkie in one afternoon. Our simple RESTful API allows you to get started in just a few steps. For more complex integrations, we do all the heavy lifting, taking the pain out of deployment. Plus, our cross-platform solution increases your reach and puts your customers in control, giving them the flexibility to pay whenever, wherever online or on mobile.Your innovations and ideas are always welcome. Get in touch!

We are serious about security

Clerkie encrypts all data to protect your borrowers’ personal information. We use role based access controls and maintain an audit log for every access event and change made in the system. We also perform real time security monitoring.