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Clerkie will give you suggestions and action plans to make your money go further and help you reach your  goals

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Clerkie Helps You Manage Your Money

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Clerkie will automatically help you track, manage and optimize your budget, your retirement accounts (e.g., 401K) and your bills

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Simplify and automate your financial life

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Clerkie lets you view your billing statements and lets you pay your bills in seconds

Clerkie manages your 401k and other retirement accounts to help you reach your goals

Clerkie gives you answers and action plans based on your financial needs

Clerkie gives you a smart budget to keep your spending on track

Clerkie automatically grows your savings without you stressing about it

Organize Your Bills

"Getting started was a breeze; it literally took 1-2 minutes and now I don't have to worry about my money. I absolutely love this app!"

Andrew S., 28